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Is veteran school chain Bell English turning its back on UK EFL?

09-11-2017 Hits:563 News Melanie Butler  - avatar Melanie Butler

The operating company Bell English is abandoning plans to increase its number of language schools in the UK, citing ‘a significant shift towards in-country English-language tuition’ and away from language...

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Strict language rules that have prevented some English native speaker nurses registering to work in the UK could soon be relaxed, it has emerged.

Japanese students volunteering to take part in international events such as the Tokyo Olympics will have access to scholarships to study languages abroad, the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) has announced.

The British Council is set to open its first teaching centre in China, the organisation has said.


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Sure, we all know the British tend to be rubbish at foreign languages. But a new survey has shown many don’t even feel bad about it. The study by the British Council in collaboration with Populus revealed that over 45 per cent of British holidaymakers rely on the assumption ‘that everyone will speak English in the country that they’re visiting’.

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