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Students hit by travel ban

09-02-2017 Hits:350 News Andrea Perez - avatar Andrea Perez

International students returning to study in the US were among those worst affected by the travel ban imposed by President Trump’s executive order in January, Melanie Butler writes. This included...

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By Melanie Butler and Matt Salusbury

Host father Kevin Garfield Ricks convicted

A US teacher has been convicted of sexually abusing a German exchange student. Kevin Garfield Ricks, who is already serving a 25-year sentence for creating and possessing child pornography, was sentenced to an additional twenty years in January by a Maryland court and is now expected to remain in prison until his nineties.

Ricks is not the first US host father to be convicted of child sex abuse but he may be the most prolific. His abuse dates back to 1978 when he was an eighteen-year-old summer camp counsellor and includes allegations made by high school students and their parents in several US states, as well as a language student in Japan.


By Melanie Butler

Shares in China Digital Education rose some $20 million, about 10 per cent, in two days following the recent announcement of a deal between the company’s US partners Eleutian Technology and Oxford University Press to produce TeachCast, an online teaching project. Neither Eleutian, a privately owned US company, nor OUP, founded in 1586 and a department of the University of Oxford, have stock market listings.

For as little as $100 dollars a year, TeachCast aims to offer daily teacher-led online English language classes available around the world. TeachCast will combine content from two of OUP’s global best-sellers with Eleutian’s synchronous video conferencing technology. Eleutian, which only uses contracted US state-certified teachers, all of whom are shareholders in the company, has delivered over a million online English language classes since it was founded in 2006. The OUP titles used in the project, Business Venture and, for younger learners, Let’s Go, have been used by over 24 million learners.



By Matt Salusbury

The opening of the University of Central Lancaster (Uclan) in Cyprus – the first Cypriot annexe of a British university – is a source of anxiety for the United Nations and its UNFICYP peacekeeping mission on the island. UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said of Uclan Cyprus in his January report to the UN General Assembly that ‘stability ... continued to be negatively affected’ by Uclan Cyprus’ presence close to UNFICYP’s ‘buffer zone’ at Pyla.

UNFICYP’s ‘Green Line’ buffer zone separates the Republic of Cyprus, the ethnically Greek Cypriot EU member state in the south, from the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, a state recognised only by Turkey and Azerbaijan, established in the north following the Turkish invasion in 1974. Travel through the Green Line at its seven crossing points – Pyla is one of them – has eased considerably since 2003, but tensions remain. Last September armed Turkish Cypriot police officers arrested some of their Greek counterparts in the buffer zone.

English Vinglish! the 'Kollywood' (Tamil-language, made in the Kodambakkam studio district of Chennai) blockbuster film, follows the fortunes of an Indian housewife who goes to learn English in New York to please her family. Featuring surprisingly accurate Esol classroom interaction, the film is doing very well in its subtitled Cantonese version in Hong Kong. The film's title is, apparently, a Tamil-language expression of frustrations experiencied in learning English. Photo: Eros International Media Ltd & Hope Productions

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