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English native speaker pilots also to blame for near misses in the skies

15-05-2017 Hits:98 News Claudia Civinini - avatar Claudia Civinini

Failure to comply with Aviation English standards by both native and non-native speaker pilots and air traffic controllers has led to some frightening near misses, a new independent report has...

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By Melanie Butler

English language students contribute over a billion pounds a year to London’s economy, based on the latest industry statistics from 2011, making language teaching worth 40 per cent more than the capital’s film production industry. Yet where the film industry gets tax breaks from the government, and a recent £2 million grant from the mayor, English language students are seen by the tabloid media as lazy job-stealing immigrants, even though language students from outside the EU do not have the right to work during their stay.

On average an English language student will remain in the country less than six weeks, stay as a paying guest with one of London’s 11,000 host families and spend £3,000 in the city. Teenagers make up the largest group of students, with

By Rafaela Peteanu

France’s higher education minister Geneviève Fioraso presented a draft of her new Education and Research Law (known in France as the ESR) to the country’s Council of Ministers in March. Among other provisions, the proposed law permits teaching in universities in languages other than French, which has led to petitions against the ‘marginalisation and destruction of the French language’.

By Jefferson Youth

The Saudi government has been moving forward with its ‘saudisation’ plans and is inspecting schools, colleges and small businesses to root out people working without correct visas. It aims to rid the country of illegal workers, opening up positions for the 12.5 per cent of Saudis who are unemployed.

According to a Saudi Passports Office official, as reported by al-Hayat newspaper in April, ‘more than 200,000 foreigners have been deported from the country over the past few months’. This has sent shock waves through the expatriate community as many workers, particularly expats’ wives working as teachers or assistants, are used to officials turning a blind eye. Fear of fines or deportation has led to many schools closing, with employees staying at home.

By Matt Salusbury

The flag of 'A2' nation Bulgaria. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/anjči from London

Students from Bulgaria and Romania in the UK are routinely experiencing severe hardship as a result of their rights and access to benefits, services and work permits being obstructed, despite them being citizens of EU member states.


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