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UK likely to ease nurses’ Ielts anguish

13-10-2017 Hits:58 News Andrea Perez - avatar Andrea Perez

Strict language rules that have prevented some English native speaker nurses registering to work in the UK could soon be relaxed, it has emerged.

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EDEN COLLEGE Dublin and Eden College International London, two colleges with the same beneficial owner, Mr Fakir Hossain, have hit the headlines on both sides of the Irish Sea. The Irish story involves a former education minister, while the UK operations of US testing giant ETS have been affected by a scandal allegedly involving the London school (see here  for ETS story).

The Irish government removed accreditation from the English department of Eden College Dublin, of which Mr Hossain is director, in December. The college has no connection with the Eden School of English, Dublin. The decision was confirmed in February despite what was described as ‘a very strong appeal’ by school president and chair of the Eden board, former education minister Bat O’Keeffe. No reason has been given for the decision to remove accreditation but the college has been removed from the Irish government register of centres entitled to enrol non-EU students.

In a statement Mr Hossain confirmed that accreditation had been

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By Matt Salusbury

Following a speech to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament by a representative of the lettori, there has been progress towards resolving issues around this group of current or former foreign lecturers (including EFL teachers) working in Italian universities who for decades have been denied the same pay, conditions and pension rights as their Italian colleagues.

David Petrie, secretary of the lettori’s union Allsi, addressed the committee in December. During the session MEP Victor Bostinaru asked to see evidence in the form of lettori payslips that would demonstrate in a clear and simple way whether they were being subjected to discrimination. Petrie later sent the committee payslips for one lettore showing that, after 29 years’ service, they earned ‘less than a newly recruited Italian at the same grade’, reported the Italian Insider online newspaper.

At around the same time as the Petitions Committee session, Simon Wright, an MP in the (UK) Westminster Parliament, informed his constituent David McAllister (a lecturer at the University of Bologna) that he’d been contacted by UK minister for Europe David Lidington.

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