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Ielts blow to Pacific language preschools

09-02-2018 Hits:151 News Andrea Perez - avatar Andrea Perez

Stringent Ielts requirements for teachers in New Zealand have led to the closure of all dedicated courses preparing staff to work in the country’s Pacific language preschools, after applications plummeted...

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May 2014

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FOLLOWING A BBC Panorama programme which filmed students at British colleges, including Eden College London, apparently cheating on Toeic tests (see front page), immigration authorities have requested US testing giant ETS to suspend both its Toeic and Toefl tests in the UK for candidates taking the exams for visa purposes. The UK will still accept ETS tests taken overseas. Apart from

By Melanie Butler

UP TO 30,000 students from the south of Italy aged fifteen to eighteen are expected to head abroad this year for EU-funded language courses and exams. Many of the 2,000 teachers accompanying them will also have EU funding for ‘certification’ courses, though whether this must include methodology or will cover language improvement classes is not yet clear. The total funding for the project, which will see students being enrolled in courses overseas starting this month, could exceed €30 million.

Language testing will form an integral



The Organisation for Promoting Afghan Women’s Capabilities (OPAWC) has educated Afghan girls uninterrupted since the 1980s - often in secret, writes Guy Smallman

OPAWC's English teacher Sayeed Salim, who now teaches openly in Kabul

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