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Esol classes inspire stage show about Englishness

19-06-2018 Hits:76 News Andrea Perez - avatar Andrea Perez

Theatre directors attended Esol classes and spoke to refugees learning English, in order to create a stage show exploring English identity and language.

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A judge has ruled that the Irish government cannot restrict visas for non-EU students to those enrolled in language schools accredited by Acels. The judgement effectively scuttles plans announced last September to crack down on rogue operators by only allowing Acels-accredited schools to appear on the register of approved providers.

The case was bought by two non-Acels-accredited schools – Academic Bridge, which is awaiting a decision on accreditation, and the National Employee Development Centre Ltd, which has failed Acels accreditation. Both applicants claimed that they had already been accredited by EDI Pearson and were in good standing with the immigration authorities, and thus should not be banned from enrolling non-EU students.

Angela Snelgrove writes

Recent reports in Australian media outlets including The Australian newspaper and the Fairfax Media agency have stated that the use of essay writing agencies by international students has become widespread. Receipts or proof of work between October 2013 and January 2014 taken from one Australian registered online company, Mymaster, showed that Chinese students from all the major universities in Sydney were using the service, paying anything from AU$300 to AU$1,000 (£156–£522) for essays. The company advertised widely using Chinese social media sites.

Such services exist for English speakers too, with Australian online businesses offering to write essays for between AU$39–AU$50 (£20–£26) a page, including plagiarism checks. Essay writing services are not illegal. It is only when students hand in assignments which have been outsourced to such services that students breach academic ethical standards and can be accused of plagiarism or academic misconduct.

Claudia Civinini and Matt Salusbury report from the British Council's English in Iraq meeting, March 2015

First published online 16 March 2015


(L to R) Dr Malek Mohammed Juda, Dr Adil Ali Moussa (both from the Iraqi Ministry of Education), Claudia Civinini and Matt Salusbury


It’s widely acknowledged that there are major challenges to effective English language education in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. British Council country director Amir Razman opened a meeting in early March on ELT in Iraq, attended by the Gazette, by saying, ‘You don’t need me to tell you that circumstances are difficult.’

ELT consultant Alastair Fortune reported back on working in Baghdad with ‘seven security guards and three armour-plated 4x4s’ just to visit some of the city’s primary and secondary schools. Security concerns make central and southern Iraq almost inaccessible to ELT trainers and consultants. This accounts for the lack of teacher training and the continued use of outdated methodologies which impact negatively on learners’ outcomes.


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