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Students hit by travel ban

09-02-2017 Hits:350 News Andrea Perez - avatar Andrea Perez

International students returning to study in the US were among those worst affected by the travel ban imposed by President Trump’s executive order in January, Melanie Butler writes. This included...

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Paul Stein Quito Ecuador

Andrea Pérez

Ecuador needs 2,800 English language teachers to accomplish the goals of its new English language learning policy, El País newspaper reports. The ministry of education has launched a new school curriculum in which English language is a mandatory subject in all state schools.

Canada Montreal hackNY.org

Matt Salusbury writes

An institution marketing itself as ‘one of Montreal’s oldest language schools’ is alleged to have defrauded foreign students on English and French language courses. According to Radio Canada’s investigative documentary programme La Facture, the school insisted on taking full fees for courses up front (unlawful in Canada legislation) before it would produce an acceptance letter needed for visa applications.

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England  BevelledEngland 300px

Fed up with lack of a government strategy for teaching English to adult migrants, teachers of Esol, as the subject is called in the UK, wrote their own – and took it to Parliament. In its report, teachers’ association Natecla gave evidence of the benefits offered by the Esol strategies used in Wales and Scotland, and argued for a similar plan for England. Education is a devolved matter in the United Kingdom and all four constituent nations set their own policy.


Claudia Civinini writes

Alnur Burtel, 71, fled Sudan’s South Kordofan region in 2011, leaving everything behind except his devotion to education. He taught English at the local high school and at Omdurman University, and in January 2016 built and opened the Light Learning Centre (pictured) in the refugee camp in Ethiopia where he lives, teaching English and civics to about 130 refugees.

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