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British Council boot camp boosts Thai teachers’ use of English

30-09-2018 Hits:210 News Matt Salusbury - avatar Matt Salusbury

Teacher Training News Matt Salusbury OVER 15,000 Thai teachers are now using English more often in their classes, following a three week ‘boot camp’ run by the British Council. Over 90 per...

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Dave Moore reports

On Sunday 15 March A2Z School of English posted a closure notice on its Facebook page, leaving its students and staff in Manchester and London high and dry. The A2Z School of English in Dublin closed in January, and a Facebook message invited students at the Irish centre to ‘move to one of the A2Z School of English branches in the UK at no extra cost, which remain in operation as usual’.

Claudia Civinini writes

Italian teachers have warned that the country’s primary schools will not be ready for the introduction of Clil methodology this September, with one union pointing out there are no funds to train teachers to the level of specialisation required.

UK immigration authorities have slashed by 90 per cent the number of centres worldwide able to offer Secure English Language Tests (Selts) to non-EU immigrants.

From 6 April, one month before a general election, non-EU citizens applying in the UK for visas will have to take an Ielts or Trinity College London exam in one of twenty centres run directly by these boards. Applicants outside the UK are restricted to some 200 Ielts-run centres in the 140 countries chosen by the Home Office, the ministry responsible for immigration.

Bilingualism, it seems, is no longer restricted to humans. Chimpanzees can become bilingual, learning a new series of grunts to ask other members of their group for things when they move to a new zoo and share with ‘foreign’ chimpanzees, according to a recent study by biologists at the Universities of York and Zurich.

The study looked at adult chimps raised in Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands who moved to Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo.

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