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UK ELT worth 1.4 billion says English UK

18-05-2018 Hits:139 News Andrea Perez - avatar Andrea Perez

The British ELT industry is celebrating a 14 per cent increase in student numbers with student weeks rising 5 per cent in 2017, writes Federica Tedeschi.

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The British Council is calling on the global English language teaching community to suggest candidates for the ELTons Lifetime Achievement Award 2018.

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The leader of the anglophone separatist movement of Cameroon, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, has reportedly been arrested in Nigeria, Federica Tedeschi, writes.


Over 100 managers and teacher trainers from 78 schools in 31 countries met in London for the International House Academic Management & Trainers (AMT) Conference last weekend, Federica Tedeschi writes.

Outcry from angry parents has forced the Korean government to backpedal on its ban on preschool English, according to the Korean Herald.

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