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EL Gazette contributors

Melanie Butler - EL Gazette's editor-in-chief

Matt Salusbury - EL Gazette news and features editor, activist with the National Union of Journalists, regular contributor to Fortean Times magazine. Author of Pygmy Elephants (CFZ Press, 2013)

Claudia Civinini - EL Gazette’s Head of Research (a.k.a. ‘Our Lady of Lists’)

Andrea PérezEL Gazette’s Online and Social Media editor 

Charley Allan - EL Gazette's production editor

Hugh Davis - freelance copy editor who subedits and proofreads the EL Gazette

Terry Phillips EL Gazette's managing director, he writes occasional features on ELT management

Wayne Trotman - EL Gazette book reviewer and writing coordinator and teacher trainer at Katip Celebi University, Izmir, Turkey

Pete Sharma - EL Gazette book reviewer ('Reviews in brief') and a director of Pete Sharma Associates - consultants in blended languages and education technology

Jonathan Dyson - international business (and football!) journalist, the EL Gazette's roving reporter

Daniel Maxwell EL Gazette Thailand correspondent

Tom Tuohy - EL Gazette Thailand correspondent and author of Watching the Thais (booksmango, 2013)

Jon Felperin - EL Gazette Central America correspondent and founder and managing director of Centro de Capacitación Vocacional, currently based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Jonathan Packer writes for EL Gazette on ELT in Japan

James McCrostie - EL Gazette Japan correspondent

Angela Snelgrove - EL Gazette Australia correspondent and an EAP lecturer. Her blog is here.

Laila El-Metoui writes for EL Gazette on the Esol sector in England and is an education consultant specialising in Further Education colleges staff development. She teaches Esol at Morley College and is chairperson for NATECLA London

Kelly Franklin - EL Gazette correspondent for the USA, recently retired as head Office of International Programs at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Russell Whitehead occasionally writes for EL Gazette on exams, testing and assessment and is a director of Language Testing 123, specialists in assessment and e-learning

Jack Longmate - EL Gazette Pacific Northwestern USA correspondent covering 'adjunct ESL professor' (hourly-paid lecturer) issues. He is an adjunct professor of English at Olympic College, Washington State, (where he was vice-president and secretary of the faculty union), he has taught ESL at Seattle Pacific University and served on TESOL bodies including chairing its Employment Issues Committee.

Nasy Pfanner is a secondary school teacher at BORG Dornbirn-Schoren in Vorarlberg, Austria. She reports on Austria, EU and Laos.