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British Council boot camp boosts Thai teachers’ use of English

30-09-2018 Hits:752 News Matt Salusbury - avatar Matt Salusbury

Teacher Training News Matt Salusbury OVER 15,000 Thai teachers are now using English more often in their classes, following a three week ‘boot camp’ run by the British Council. Over 90 per...

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Teacher associations

Australian Council of Tesol Associations

Country: Australia
National coordinating body for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.


Country: Brazil
Brazil's largest association of teachers of English with a membership of approximately 4,000 professionals.

British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes

Country: United Kingdom
Baleap is a professional organisation whose members are providers of English for academic purposes in higher education institutions.

British Council ELTECS India and South Asia

Country: India and South Asia
ELTeCS (English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme) is an information-sharing and teacher development network. Through ELTeCS, ELT professionals can make new contacts, share information, build their knowledge, and create partnerships.

EgyptTesol (missing link)

Country: Egypt
A professional organisation for teachers of English and all those involved in the ELT profession in Egypt and all over the world.

ELTAI (English Language Teachers' Association of India)

Country: India
Membership to the ELTAI is open to all teachers of English in India (whether working or retired) and also educational institutions.


Country: US
Promotes and supports ethical and professional standards for intensive English programs in the US.

ETAI (English Teachers' Association of Israel)

Country: Israel
ETAI is a unique organization concerned with the teaching of English as a foreign (or international) language in Israel, founded in 1979.

ELTAS (English Language Teachers' Association Stuttgart)

Country: Germany
ELTAS was founded in 1989 as a professional association based in Stuttgart, Germany, with the aim of providing a forum for the professional development of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

ETAS (English Teachers' Association of Switzerland)

Country: Switzerland
ETAS is the largest English language teaching network in Switzerland. They have members from all areas of ELT.

HELTA e.V. (Hamburg English Language Teaching Association)

Country: Germany
HELTA is a professional non-profit association for EFL teachers in the Hamburg area and the rest of north Germany.


Country: Croatia
The Croatian Association of Teachers of English is a professional association of people who are involved in ELT. As a vibrant professional association, it is continually evolving to meet its member's interests and needs in the range of activities that it undertakes.

Iatefl Hungary

Country: Hungary
The association of teachers of English in Hungary.

Iatefl Poland

Country: Poland
Membership is open to all teachers of English in Poland, both active and retired, and to students of teacher training colleges and English language faculties.

Iatefl Slovenia

Country: Slovenia
ELT association for teachers in Slovenia.

Japan Association for Language Teaching

Country: Japan
Jalt is a professional organisation of people interested in promoting excellence in language learning and teaching in Japan.

Korea Association of Teachers of English

Country: Republic of Korea
An important academic association in the field of English language teaching within and outside Korea.

Korea Tesol (KOTesol)

Country: Republic of Korea
Aims to promote scholarship, disseminate information, and facilitate cross-cultural understanding among persons concerned with the teaching and learning of English in Korea.


Country: United Kingdom
The National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum is a professional body for all those interested in raising the achievement of bilingual pupils with English as an additional language.

Nelta (Nepal English Language Teachers' Association)

Country: Nepal
NELTA is a professional, non-government organisation founded in 1992 with the help of the British Council. Its primary aim is to support English language tachers in improving the teaching and learning of English in Nepal in state and private schools.

TEA (Teachers of English in Austria)

Country: Austria
TEA is a nationally and internationally acknowledged force in all matters concerning TEA is run on a voluntary basis by professionals from various areas of English language teaching and EFL.


Country: United States
Tesol is a global association for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.


Country: New Zealand
TesolANZ is the national association of teachers and tutors of Esol at all levels of education from pre-school to tertiary.

Tesol Arabia

Country: United Arab Emirates
Based in the United Arab Emirates, this Tesol organisation serves as a network for English language teachers.

Tesol Canada (missing link)

Country: Canada
Was established in 1993 to gather ESL teachers under a unified association to increase the interaction among them, provide guidelines to new teachers and unify ESL standards and specifications.

Tesol Greece

Country: Greece
Tesol Greece is an independent, volunteer, non-profit professional association for teachers of English as a foreign language and other ELT professionals working in Greece.

Tesol Macedonia-Thrace

Country: Greece
An independent non-profit professional association for teachers of the English language who live in the area(s) of Northern Greece.

Tesol Spain

Country: Spain
A Spanish organisation with a membership that represents all sectors and regions of English language teaching in the country.


Country: Uruguay
URUTesol is the Uruguayan affiliate of Tesol.


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