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Fine words butter no parsnips


Melanie Butler argues the problem with text books is the text.

The endless reports of the death of the ELT course book have, like reports of Mark Twain’s death, been greatly exaggerated. General English text books make up 80 per cent of all UK ELT book sales and their sales have remained constant for decades. Though, as our graph shows (below), many of the best-sellers are looking rather elderly, on average the first edition of the first version of a current top ten series was published nearly twelve years ago.

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Bring the world into your class

global issues piece

Linda Ruas explains how global issues can inspire students
I asked one of my Esol students – a retired neurosurgeon from Syria – what it would take to make the world a fairer place. ‘Only through education,’ he said, ‘can we change the future. Only by discussing and understanding other people’s worlds can we find solutions.’ As his teacher, I was quite proud of his inversions! As a human being, I agreed with his words.

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Teach In Spain

alhambra 967024

Teachers are often attracted to jobs in Spain because of its reputation for sunny weather, delicious cuisine and a rich cultural life. But after the 2008 economic crisis, what are the chances of getting a job and developing your career? The Gazette spoke to Borja Uruñela from the Andalusian Association of Language Schools (ACEIA) to find out more.

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A Man Of (Love) Letters


Jean-Marc Dewaele talks to Claudia Civinini about the power of emotions - and swear words
Love, anger, anxiety: this is not a summary of Wuthering Heights, but some of the key words on the publication list of Dr Jean-Marc Dewaele, professor of applied linguistics and multilingualism at Birkbeck, University of London. This quadrilingual Belgian-born academic has interests ranging from foreign language anxiety to code-switching. And one of his core interests is how we express a range of emotions, from love to anger, in another language. Given the significance that his research could have for teachers, the ­Gazette met him to chat about the power of emotions in the classroom.

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Creative Challenge

Chaz Pugliese 1

When his parents said they wanted him to become a lawyer, he threatened them with a career as a musician to make teaching sound like a sensible choice. But for Chaz Pugliese, now a teacher, trainer and author, creativity is not just a way to solve family impasses. It is the key that could give teachers access to the classroom’s holy grail: student motivation. Below, Chaz talks to Claudia Civinini about his philosophy, his work and his latest book – Creating Motivation.

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