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Interview: ‘Regard it like an MOT test’


School inspections needn’t be scary, Ann Matsunaga tells Melanie Butler

Ann Matsunaga has had nearly every job in ELT, not to mention her time in mainstream education. She has been a teacher, teacher trainer and even opened her own language school in Japan when her Japanese husband was deployed back home by his company.

‘It was only a small school,’ she says, ‘but I built up a good reputation.’

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Comment: Performance pay or the highway?

melanie comment

Should language schools pay more money to their best teachers, and should student feedback be the deciding factor, asks Melanie Butler.

Personally I have always thought relating pay to performance was piffle.

When I was a book publisher, I was promised a bonus based on the number of books I published and their sales.

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Comment: The hotter the better?

Russ Mayne looks at one student feedback site, and is unsurprised to discover that the most attractive teachers get the best ratings

The top-rated teacher on ratemyprofessor.com currently is Douglas Klutz, a law professor from the University of Alabama.

Reading through the student comments, which include such insights as ‘hes [sic] so hot’ and ‘Great class.

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Point of View: Life through a new lens


Paul Walsh asks what is preventing an open discussion of stagnant or declining working conditions

In John Carpenter’s 1988 sci-fi film They Live, a man finds a pair of sunglasses. He puts them on, gazes up, and takes a deep breath, unable to believe what he sees. The advertising billboards in front of him display a series of morbid commands: ‘Obey’, ‘Consume’ and a dollar bill reads: ‘This is your God’. It’s a conspiracy!

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Out of the box: Let’s push the balance back towards CLT


Students’ needs have taken a back seat to those of the industry itself.

Most ELT professionals would locate their practice beneath the broad umbrella of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT).

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