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Two Wimbledon aces


Jane Dancaster and Fiona Dunlop of Wimbledon School of English explain how they became the first school in the UK to achieve a perfect score in two British Council inspections in a row.

Take one family-owned school in a leafy historic village just 20 minutes from central London, add a team of super-qualified teachers and a reputation for throwing great parties and you have the recipe for a great language school. Is it that simple? Not according to Jane Dancaster and Fiona Dunlop of Wimbledon School of English, and they should know.

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Pride and Pronunciation

ELTons 2018 2web

The glitzy annual ELTons awards saw an often-neglected aspect of language teaching enjoying the limelight

There is always a moment, amidst the glitz and glamour of the ELTons awards, where even the most cynical observers feel proud of our profession.

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Krash ‘n’ burn: Does this study disprove famous language learning theory?


New research taking on the ‘input hypothesis’ finds that speaking in L2 helps improve understanding.

Students who are required to produce speech in L2 appear to improve their language comprehension faster than learners who only practise comprehension, according to a study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US.

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The British are world leaders in thanks

Christian Lendl Queenwbe

British English speakers may well be world leaders in saying ‘thank you’, an international study suggests.

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The eyes have it


Looking at English learners’ eye movements while reading English text tells us how well they are learning, a recent American study has suggested.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to predict the learners’ scores on standardised proficiency tests (MET and Toefl) by tracking how long they spent looking at individual words.

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