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Know your visas for a successful trip

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Working out which schools you can legally attend can be a minefield, Melanie Butler writes

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Research news - February

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Teachers go native

The most common teachers’ technique for repairing a breakdown in communication with students is to switch back to the class’s native language, a small study in Vietnam has suggested.

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Hispanic pupils ‘take almost four years’ to master English

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But performance dropped substantially under new testing regime, researchers say.

Young Hispanic English students took an average 3.6 years to reach English proficiency, an extensive longitudinal study of Texan pupils in Grades 1 to 8 has found.

The report, covering more than 71,000 students, confirms the findings of smaller studies, but it also highlights the differences in the speed of progress of separate subgroups of Hispanic pupils.

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Drama without the drama


Kiwi-based Chasing Time Productions tell Claudia Civinini how they created an exciting and useful television series for English language teachers.

Chasing Time Productions wanted to create a TV drama you can use in your classroom, with characters that don’t speak at 1,000 words per minute and don’t suddenly drop a perfectly articulated swearword in front of your fiftheen year olds.

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A radical rethink


A school in a city which came to embody the UK’s immigration debate hopes to boost standards with a major shake-up of how EAL pupils are educated, Irena Barker writes

During the EU referendum, the city of Peterborough became a byword for the Brexit debate.

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