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The moist hated words in the English language


Claudia Civinini writes

Is there a reason why people hate the word ‘moist’? Research says there is – and it has to do with its semantics more than its sound.
With social media periodically bringing up the topic, we decided to dig for the evidence.

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Bilinguals better at recognising voices

Lucélia Ribeiro Sandy

Claudia Civinini writes

Bilingualism is known to give children many advantages, but a new one has been added to the list.

A new piece of research has revealed that bilingual children are better than their monolingual counterparts at recognising voices.

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Point of View: The great disruptor

JESS VR 03web

Virtual reality technology could bring top-quality education to millions of learners, argues Mark Steed

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Are bilinguals now the new model teacher?

melanie commentsweb

A language school advert calls for teachers with at least a C2 level of English and fluency in the local tongue – but it might struggle to find many, argues Melanie Butler

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‘Don’t give up on Germany’s early start policies’, says academic


Prof Eva Wilden says there is not enough evidence to suggest the programmes will fail.

Early language learning in Germany has not failed its purpose – but more research is needed to understand why early starters lose their lead at secondary level, an academic has told the Gazette.

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