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A language learning archipelago

Island story1

The Philippines is becoming a major hub for English learners in East Asia, and could help China solve its teacher-recruitment problem, says Melanie Butler.

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Not just a pretty face


Hawaii longs to become the destination of choice for English language and university students – not just honeymooners, writes Claudia Civinini.

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RESEARCH NIBS - December / January 2018


Tel Aviv bats pick up ‘Scottish’ accents

Young bats can learn their mother ‘tongue’ and another specific ‘dialect’ by listening to the bat crowd around them, a study conducted at Tel Aviv University has found.

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Can bilingualism combat negative effects of poverty on the brain?

research news

Pre-school bilinguals are better at regulating behaviour, despite poor backgrounds.
Bilingualism could help protect children’s brain development from the negative effects of growing up in poverty, researchers at the University of Oregon said.

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A tribute to Professor Stephen Bax (1960 – 2017)


Stephen joined the Open University as professor of modern languages and linguistics in 2015 and took on the role of director for research excellence in August 2016.

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