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Comment: Performance pay or the highway?

melanie comment

Should language schools pay more money to their best teachers, and should student feedback be the deciding factor, asks Melanie Butler.

Personally I have always thought relating pay to performance was piffle.

When I was a book publisher, I was promised a bonus based on the number of books I published and their sales.

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Comment: The hotter the better?

Russ Mayne looks at one student feedback site, and is unsurprised to discover that the most attractive teachers get the best ratings

The top-rated teacher on ratemyprofessor.com currently is Douglas Klutz, a law professor from the University of Alabama.

Reading through the student comments, which include such insights as ‘hes [sic] so hot’ and ‘Great class.

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Point of View: Life through a new lens


Paul Walsh asks what is preventing an open discussion of stagnant or declining working conditions

In John Carpenter’s 1988 sci-fi film They Live, a man finds a pair of sunglasses. He puts them on, gazes up, and takes a deep breath, unable to believe what he sees. The advertising billboards in front of him display a series of morbid commands: ‘Obey’, ‘Consume’ and a dollar bill reads: ‘This is your God’. It’s a conspiracy!

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Out of the box: Let’s push the balance back towards CLT


Students’ needs have taken a back seat to those of the industry itself.

Most ELT professionals would locate their practice beneath the broad umbrella of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT).

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EU special: Into the Unknown


The only thing that is certain about Brexit, is that everything is uncertain, writes Melanie Butler.

This time next year, Britain will no longer be a member of the European Union. Right now, that is all we really know for sure.

Will Britain remain a member of Erasmus? Will EU students still be able to study at UK universities for local prices? Will English even remain an EU working language?

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