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EU special: Valencia’s English course plan leaves UK and Irish language schools cold

teacher valencia Partido poupular de valencisWEB

Plans to boost Spanish teachers’ English with trips abroad could prove ineffective and impractical, writes Melanie Butler

One thousand teachers from Valencia are to be given a month-long all expenses paid English language course in the UK or Ireland this summer, the Spanish region’s education department has said.

Teachers will travel abroad for one full month, either July or August, and will be expected to attend classes for 25 hours a week. Valencia, which is introducing trilingual schooling, already pays for teachers to attend English classes at their state language school.

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EU special: International students cast net wider during Brexit wait


UK faces tougher competition, but numbers are up this year, Federica Tedeschi writes.

EU and overseas students planning to attend university in the UK are checking out alternative countries for study in case their plans are affected by Brexit, a leading analyst has said.

But the number of students considering UK universities is not declining, Carmen Neghina, head of intelligence at international education hub StudyPortals told the EL Gazette.

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EU special: Accademia puzzled by university’s English advert

Polimi Leonardo campus main building

‘Teaching in English at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan does not affect the right to education, it increases the chance of finding a job, instead’ reads a full-page advert that the Advisory Board of the institution published in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera in April.

The advert, with its English headline ‘Made in Italy – Graduates to stand out in the world’ follows a ruling from Italy’s high administrative court which says Italian universities cannot offer a degree solely in English.

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EU special: Testing the market

p18 students

What is the market like for English language testing in Europe? PeopleCert’s Henry Tolley offers a bird’s eye view of the current trends

Some students even enjoy taking their English language exams

Let’s start by looking at the ‘local markets’, countries which take a lot of English exams but don’t often buy language travel packages.

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EU special: It’s nice up North



Friendly people, vibrant university towns and a good international mix of students make the North of England a great place to study English, writes Melanie Butler.


Twenty years ago, there were just two accredited language schools in Manchester and just one accredited university.

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