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Iatefl 2018: Let’s make pron more than an add-on

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Pronunciation is regarded by many as a ‘frill’ in language learning, but teachers owe it to students to make it a core part of their lessons, writes Wayne Rimmer

I was sitting in the teachers’ room one afternoon when my colleague Dan wandered in and asked, ‘Where do they keep that pronunciation stuff?’

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Iatefl 2018: Sussing out Sussex

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The beautiful coastal county of Sussex offers some of the best English language learning opportunities in the UK, writes Melanie Butler

This year’s Iatefl conference is based in Brighton, the largest town in the county of Sussex and one of the largest centres for English language teaching in the country.

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Iatefl 2018: No more fairy tales

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The Gazette’s Iatefl special aims to unravel the myths surrounding English language teaching, writes Melanie Butler

At Iatefl 2016, Bell’s Silvana Richardson set out to destroy one of the great myths of ELT: that native speakers of English are always better.

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Barbara Zielonka, who was one of just ten finalists in the $1m Global Teacher Prize, writes about embracing the power of technology.

In 2007, I earned my master’s degree from the University of Silesia, Poland. I knew that I would like to move abroad. I had visited Norway several times, and it felt natural to move there and start one of the biggest adventures in my life.

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Bilingual toddlers’ vocab benefit from ‘close’ languages

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The speed at which English-speaking bilingual toddlers learn vocabulary in their other language is determined by its linguistic distance from English, researchers have shown for the first time.

‘Findings show that children’s production of additional language words was improved when this language was phonologically close to English – such as Dutch, Welsh, German – as compared to more distant languages – such as Cantonese, Polish and Greek,’ their study concludes.

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