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EU special: Finding the winning formula


Chris Brandwood takes a closer look at the implications of a major report into the future of English learning in Europe

The British Council recently commissioned its Europe: 2025 report aware that more had changed in the ELT market in the last few years than in perhaps a couple of decades before that.

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EU special: English by Numbers

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The British Council’s latest report, looking at the future of English language learning in seven European countries, reveals some interesting statistics, Irena Barker writes

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EU special: Czeching it out

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Declan Carey, an English teacher in Prague, gives you the low-down on teaching in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a fascinating country in the heart of Europe with a booming expat community. In fact, the UK government reports that over 10,000 British nationals are currently living here, many of whom are teachers or work in the English language industry.

According to the Czech Ministry of the Interior, there are 8,966 US citizens registered as living here too.

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First language features support memory in late bilinguals


Research on university students shows how L2 learners use features of their first language to help with remembering events, Federica Tedeschi writes.

Late bilinguals use features of their first language to help them remember while writing or speaking in their L2, a study of 95 university students suggests.

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Language worriers struggle with Ielts speaking

The best predictor of Iranian EFL learners’ willingness to speak (WTS) in class is whether they suffer from language learning anxiety, research finds.

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