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University unchallenged

score distribution accredited university language centres

UK university language centres are consistently good, especially at teaching, our analysis of British Council inspection reports reveals.

Britain’s university language centres are routinely good at teaching English. That is the message from an analysis of the reports of the British Council inspectors. A quick glance at the two charts on this page will confirm that.

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Europe’s most eligible bachelors

Table page 4 supplement

European universities are rushing to offer degrees in English, but which countries are embracing them the most? asks Claudia Civinini

Bachelor’s degrees taught in English are booming across Europe, growing fifty-fold since 2009, a report from StudyPortals and the European Association for International Education has found. The study drew on the database of English-taught programmes listed on StudyPortal’s website to paint a picture of Europe’s internationalisation efforts.

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The small independent putting the fun in testing

clarity picture interviewweb

Andrew Stokes, managing director of the Hong Kong-based EFL software company ClarityEnglish, talks to Melanie Butler about testing on mobile phones, the perils of unanswered emails and high tech toasters

Clarity always strikes me as an ELT disruptor, a company started by two guys, a Tefler and a nerd, in a spare bedroom in Hong Kong. This year you went handheld – producing a placement test for mobile phones. Are you taking on the edtech giants?
No, I don’t think so. We are quite happy as a small independent publisher with the freedom to take on projects we enjoy and which we think will be useful. For example, we are currently working on an online course to help nurses in the Philippines get the 7.0 in Ielts Writing that they need to work in the UK. That’s way too small for an edtech giant.

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‘‘I worry about all the military metaphors that circulate when grammar is discussed’’

Ronald Carterweb

ELTons lifetime achievement award winner Ronald Carter, emeritus professor of modern English language at Nottingham University, tells Claudia Civinini his thoughts on the battle for grammar in schools, the impact of social media on language and the need for multi-disciplinary studies.

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Culture clash

crowdedplace Hamza Buttweb

It’s easy to make the wrong assumptions about students’ native learning cultures, says Melanie Butler, because it’s a lot more complex than ‘East meets West’.

Culture is ‘the collective programming of the mind’. So says the Dutch social psychologist Geert Hofstede whose ground-breaking work on national and corporate cultures famously analyses culture across six separate areas.

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