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How different types of anxiety affect oral exam scores

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New research has revealed fascinating insights into the interplay between the different types of anxiety individuals can experience and their effect on oral test results, Federica Tedeschi reports.

The researcher, Danny Huang, was surprised to find that both male and female EFL learners experienced similar levels of anxiety and this resulted in the same negative impact on their test scores.

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Interview: Plug into the digital zeitgeist


Digital tools for the classroom should be ‘quick and dirty’, focusing on four key areas, Thomas Strasser tells Melanie Butler

An academic once told me that if you think long enough, you can explain anything simply. If you can’t explain it simply, you haven’t thought about it hard enough.

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The proof is in the (remote) pudding


A UK company is plugging a teaching skills gap by using videoconferencing technology to deliver English lessons to state school children in South America, Irena Barker reports

When the pupils at the Nucleo de Convivencia Menino Jesus supplementary school attend English classes, they never quite know what to expect.

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Out of the box: Time Granny went to the hairdresser?


Language school feedback surveys may be asking the wrong questions

When language schools hand out questionnaires to EFL students at the end of their courses, it suggests that the school values their opinions about the teaching they have received.

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Point of View: ‘The university sector is failing international students before they even arrive’


Using technology to check students’ English is up to scratch during the application process could save everybody a lot of pain, says Andrew Stokes

At the age of 16, Adrian Chu boarded a flight from Kuala Lumpur to the UK to start his A Levels in London. Over the next two years he worked hard, passed his exams and got into Durham University to study politics.

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