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Out of the box: It’s time UK ELT had a sip of the PM’s Dom Perignon


Whilst flicking through the papers last month, I noticed that the movers and shakers of the British fashion industry had once more got a taste of the Downing Street Champagne.

As London Fashion Week got under way, Theresa May hosted dozens of top designers, fashion house execs and rising talents at Number Ten. This followed a tradition started by previous incumbents Sarah Brown and Samantha Cameron.

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Point of view: ‘We have a moral obligation to lead the way’


Ella Tyler explains why the ELT and international education industries are uniquely placed to promote women in leadership.

When I left university in 1993, I really believed that the glass ceiling of my mother’s generation had been shattered.

Women were equal to men in terms of accomplishments, and I was confident that over the next few years the imbalance of women at senior levels in companies would be redressed, leading to a better world for everyone.

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Positive association


Anyone looking for a top-quality language course should seriously consider one belonging to an association, argues Melanie Butler.

The big chains may be doing well, but schools belonging to the International Association of Language Centres (Ialc) perform twice as well on average as normal English language centres. The mean score is 8.8 areas of strength against 4.4. for the UK accredited sector overall.

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What’s in a name?


Melanie Butler reveals how consistent British chains schools are by analysing their inspections results brand by brand.

‘The number on one rule of branding is brand consistency’. This marketing slogan does not just apply to the look of the product but to its quality. When I go into a McDonald’s I know what kind of hamburger I am going to get. If I order a burger in a Hilton hotel I expect something very different.

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Late bilinguals enjoy brain advantage


Claudia Civinini writes

We all know that adults, unlike those lucky babies of the opposite page, have a hard time learning a new language. But precisely because of this, late bilinguals enjoy even more cognitive benefits than early bilinguals, a new study has found.

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