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Comment: Why ELT fell for the lexical sets myth – hook, line and sinker


Evidence shows learning semantically related vocabulary in groups isn’t the best way to learn lexis, but the idea is entrenched in language classrooms, writes Melanie Butler

Iam now officially ancient. I must be. I was around at the birth of at least one ELT myth and I expect it will outlive me. If there is one thing I have learned in forty years in ELT, it is that a good myth is hard to kill.

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Iatfel: 2018: Rise of the machines?

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As new players enter the market, technology is becoming a vital part of language testing – but the human element is still vital, Dr Michael Milanovic tells the El Gazette

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Iatefl 2018: Telling fairytales

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I have been in language teaching for over forty years, working as a freelance ELT author for the last thirty. I have written support materials for graded readers but never actually written any readers myself. I never thought there was a need for any more.

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Iatfel: 2018: ‘After 40 years I still don’t know the answer to that question’

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From humble Tefl beginnings to top of the tree at the British Council, John Knagg tells Melanie Butler he still wants to know the best way to teach English to children.

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Iatfel: 2018: Buffeted by change


The Gazette asks Esol experts Philida Schellekens and Jennie Turner about good practice they have seen, and the bumpy ride that is teaching English to newcomers in England

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