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Racism in ELT is ‘widespread and well-documented’


Varinder’s personal story of a non-white woman teacher in white male dominated transnational ELT shows how deeply discriminatory the profession has become. It shows that being perceived as a ‘native speaker’ has often nothing to do with your mother tongue, but everything with being white and Western-looking.

This might shock you. You might think that Varinder’s story is but one unfortunate example. And we can’t generalise from it. Surely such a nice profession as ELT can’t be that racist?

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‘Communal crystal ball gazing is very useful’


Richard Day, owner of English in Chester, talks about how language schools have been working together to raise standards and tackle upcoming challenges in the UK market.

Tell us a bit about who you are and your role at the language school English in Chester.
I am the owner and current director of marketing. Over my 41 years at the school I have worked in and led all departments. I handed over the role of principal to Nigel Paramor 10 years ago. Nigel is in charge of running the school and this leaves me with time to represent the school nationally, regionally and internationally and focus on developing the business.

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Don’t worry, size doesn’t matter


Parents who think good-quality teaching comes by paying over the odds for small class sizes are misguided, says Melanie Butler.

‘You can have it cheaper, you can have it better, or you can have it faster’ – the old adage goes. ‘Pick two.’

Yet when agents ask parents to pick the things they want in a classroom, they get the answer: ‘cheaper with smaller classes’ – with the proviso: ‘the teacher can be any old native speaker as long as they are white.’

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Out of the box: The power of public speaking


A few years ago, at the English language centre I was in charge of, our students would work on presentations quite frequently. But very often we felt those presentations didn’t benefit the students as much as we thought they would.

It seemed our students often treated those presentations as yet another classroom activity that needed to be completed before the lesson was over.

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All pedants and correct


Social media has created a huge outlet for predatory nitpickers desperate to correct bad English – but has it gone too far? Gizzelle Sandoval investigates.

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