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Don’t be caught napping over sleep-in pay


Melanie Butler examines how the outcome of an Appeals Court case could have serious implications for employers of staff who sleep on the premises

Summer school season is upon us, but the rules around staff sleeping-in at work have changed.

The whole of the residential care sector in the UK is awaiting the outcome of an Appeals Court hearing to see if they are going to have to pay HMRC an estimated total of £400 million for not following the new rules.

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Cheap but not cheerful

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The more schools spend on marketing, the less they will have to spend on teachers, writes Melanie Butler, but alternative ways to run a language business do exist

There is a common belief among EFL teachers that the miserable terms and conditions faced by many are a result of rich money-grabbing language school owners.

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Point of View: No more funny business?


Teachers Sarah Priestley and Tom Flaherty call on those working in the ELT industry to re-consider the role of ‘fun’ in the classroom

Dear ELT colleagues,

A quick Google search will return millions of hits for ‘fun’ activities in English language teaching, including, among many others, how to inject ‘fun’ into grammar practice.

What do we mean by ‘fun’, though? How is it put to use in the profession?

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Out of the box: Don’t get mad, set up a co-op


If ELT professionals work together, they can demand better pay and conditions and improve their skills

Four people working in ELT in Barcelona, including myself, set up the Serveis Lingüístics de Barcelona co-operative in 2014.

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The twists and turns of fate

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Former English language teacher Liz Huntley tells EL Gazette how ‘chance meetings and serendipity’ led her to an unusual literary collaboration with a French student she taught in the 1980s

Back in the 1980s I was teaching English in one of the many language schools that occupied the upper floors of the buildings in and around Oxford Street in central London.

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