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Point of View: Life through a new lens


Paul Walsh asks what is preventing an open discussion of stagnant or declining working conditions

In John Carpenter’s 1988 sci-fi film They Live, a man finds a pair of sunglasses. He puts them on, gazes up, and takes a deep breath, unable to believe what he sees. The advertising billboards in front of him display a series of morbid commands: ‘Obey’, ‘Consume’ and a dollar bill reads: ‘This is your God’. It’s a conspiracy!

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Out of the box: Let’s push the balance back towards CLT


Students’ needs have taken a back seat to those of the industry itself.

Most ELT professionals would locate their practice beneath the broad umbrella of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT).

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Comment: Why ELT fell for the lexical sets myth – hook, line and sinker


Evidence shows learning semantically related vocabulary in groups isn’t the best way to learn lexis, but the idea is entrenched in language classrooms, writes Melanie Butler

Iam now officially ancient. I must be. I was around at the birth of at least one ELT myth and I expect it will outlive me. If there is one thing I have learned in forty years in ELT, it is that a good myth is hard to kill.

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Point of View: ‘The university sector is failing international students before they even arrive’


Using technology to check students’ English is up to scratch during the application process could save everybody a lot of pain, says Andrew Stokes

At the age of 16, Adrian Chu boarded a flight from Kuala Lumpur to the UK to start his A Levels in London. Over the next two years he worked hard, passed his exams and got into Durham University to study politics.

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Out of the box: Time Granny went to the hairdresser?


Language school feedback surveys may be asking the wrong questions

When language schools hand out questionnaires to EFL students at the end of their courses, it suggests that the school values their opinions about the teaching they have received.

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