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Out of the box: A whinge of authors


We need coursebooks that aren’t swayed by the winds of endless focus groups

In the old days of ELT publishing, new coursebooks often used to be identified by the author’s name: Alexander, Robert O’Neill, the new Kingsbury, the latest Leo Jones. If written by (usually) a two-person author team, the book title was often used as a badge of pride by teachers.

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Point of View: ‘The need for good English teachers across the world is immense’

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The English education industry can transform lives, says Sarah Cooper.

Can you remember a teacher who made a difference to your life? I can and I bet we all can. Flip it – I also bet every teacher remembers certain learners. I certainly do.

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What global big fish can learn from local language school minnows

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The language travel industry lags far behind in-country schools in terms of knowing where the market is going, says Melanie Butler.

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Why parents deserve more than just a roll of the dice


Parents often foot the bill for language travel but a lack of information about safeguarding and teaching can make choosing a language school a risky business, writes Melanie Butler.

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Point of View: ‘It’s outlandish to claim international students exploit the system’

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Host countries need to show international students that they are welcome as they battle against red-tape and suspicion, says Yinbo Yu.

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