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Don’t let politics and popularity drive decision-making

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Amy Lightfoot explains why the British Council has come out against the use of English as a Medium of Instruction in primary schools in low to middle income countries.

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Out of the box: Why do language school websites become an out-of-date version of reality?


Why do schools plough all their energies into sexy brochures when customers are all on the web, asks Richard Bradford

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Are we nearly yet?

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 Your first language, your age and even local politics could all affect how long it takes you to learn a language, explains Melanie Butler.

Many frustrated language learners will have asked themselves: how long does it really take to learn a language?

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Point of View: Some like to say: ‘what happens at conferences, stays at conferences’

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Varinder Unlu explores why the ELT industry needs to take a long hard look at itself in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal

In recent months we have seen several high-profile cases of sexual harassment and violence: Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, several members of parliament in the UK to name a few.

Resignations and arrests, denials and justifications, admissions and shame followed. It seems that no industry is unaffected. Abuse does not differentiate whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, actor, nurse, student or teacher. It’s so endemic and widespread, and the recent #metoo social media campaign showed just how many people have been affected by it.

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Don’t stay consonantally challenged


Many varieties of English lack some of the consonantal sounds of RP, but it’s crucial to teach them all, says Peter Trudgill

Non-native learners using English as a model are normally taught Received Pronunciation (RP), and encouraged to master RP phonological contrasts.

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