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Pretty much the best job in TEFL.

Top universities UK

Universities have outstanding inspection results from the British Council inspectors, and provide some of the best teaching opportunities.

The best teaching job I ever had was in a university in the UK. I left it thirty years ago this year to become editor of the EL Gazette. I remember walking out of the campus and across Regent’s Park with a trio of French students who had volunteered to intern with us.

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A tale of two frameworks

How good are British Universities at teaching? This question has sparked the mother of all rows in UK academia.

The government has insisted that only unis with great teachers should be able to put up their fees, and then devised a byzantine student rating system called the Teaching Excellence Framework, or TEF, that no two experts agree on.

To top it all, the TEF has been boycotted by many of the students whose ratings its scores are supposed to be based on. Confused? We all are.

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Europe’s most eligible bachelors

Table page 4 supplement

European universities are rushing to offer degrees in English, but which countries are embracing them the most? asks Claudia Civinini

Bachelor’s degrees taught in English are booming across Europe, growing fifty-fold since 2009, a report from StudyPortals and the European Association for International Education has found. The study drew on the database of English-taught programmes listed on StudyPortal’s website to paint a picture of Europe’s internationalisation efforts.

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University unchallenged

score distribution accredited university language centres

UK university language centres are consistently good, especially at teaching, our analysis of British Council inspection reports reveals.

Britain’s university language centres are routinely good at teaching English. That is the message from an analysis of the reports of the British Council inspectors. A quick glance at the two charts on this page will confirm that.

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Positive association


Anyone looking for a top-quality language course should seriously consider one belonging to an association, argues Melanie Butler.

The big chains may be doing well, but schools belonging to the International Association of Language Centres (Ialc) perform twice as well on average as normal English language centres. The mean score is 8.8 areas of strength against 4.4. for the UK accredited sector overall.

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