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East Asia leads across the board

Matt Salusbury looks at the results of the Independent Schools Council’s 2015 census and finds that over a third of overseas students boarding in the UK are from China and Hong Kong

Over 27,000 international students attended the Independent Schools Council’s (ISC) 1,267 mostly private-sector year-round boarding schools in the UK last year. Its 2015 census covered schools in ISC’s affiliate member associations across the UK, although the overwhelming majority of schools in the survey are in England, with a cluster of ISC boarding schools in south-east England.

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International education booming


Claudia Civinini analyses the recent Open Doors report and tracks the remarkable growth in the number of international students in the US

Student mobility ‘has increased dramatically over the recent past’, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report Education at a Glance. With the number of international students worldwide increasing by 50 per cent in the 2005–12 period, the industry seems be enjoying a record-breaking period.

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UK still on top but in decline

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Claudia Civinini explains how Britain is still the number-one destination for English language students but warns the country is continuing to lose ground to its competitors

 The UK is holding its pole position for student numbers in the global ELT market. However, competition from other destinations (mainly the US, Australia and Canada) is fierce, and the UK is losing market share. With the aim of providing a ‘reality check for everyone involved in UK ELT’, English UK has collaborated with Student Marketing to provide its members with a comprehensive survey of the English language teaching industry in the UK.

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Independents in demand

Claudia Civinini analyses the 2015 Ialc research to reveal what language travel agents really look for in a partner institution

The International Association of Language Centres (Ialc) commissioned in-depth research from StudentMarketing into the study travel industry, with a particular focus on agents’ opinions. What emerged is not only a general picture of the trends that govern the industry (see September 2015 Gazette) but also, for the first time in the industry’s history, a factual, measurable and evidence-based peek into the agents’ preferences and experience of working with independent and chain schools.

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Australia – pathways, visas, destinations


Claudia Civinini picks apart government data to reveal some surprising facts about the Australian international student market – where it comes from and where it’s going

Last year saw Australia welcome over 453,500 international students, of whom 163,542 (35 per cent) began an English language course. They contributed AU$17.0 billion (£8.3bn) to the economy, making international education the country’s third-largest export. The average length of English language courses was 12.9 weeks, amounting to an impressive 2,109,691 student weeks.

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