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Tracking ELLs achievement


Claudia Civinini looks at ELL outcomes in primary schools in England
According to 2016 figures from the Department of Education, 18 per cent of 11 year-olds in England did not have English as their first language (L1). How are they doing and where are they achieving their potential? The achievement gap between English as an additional language (EAL) speakers and native-English-speakers is narrow. Gender and, more especially, socio-economic status and special education needs show a stronger effect. On average, 53 per cent of all pupils achieved the required standard in reading, writing and maths – the achievement for EALs was 50 per cent.

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Following global flows


Claudia Civinini analyses the recently released Unesco figures on international tertiary-level mobile students.
Unesco has updated its data on global flows of students in tertiary education. Some of the most recent figures from their dataset are from 2015, while others are from 2014. Below we analyse the main source countries (where students come from) and destination countries (where they’re going), and then look at some specific markets.

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Reading the minds of international students

Conor Lawless Students

Claudia Civinini drills into new data from over 35,000 overseas students to find out the factors behind their decision to learn abroad

What would be the international student recruiter’s ultimate dream? A mind-reading tool revealing what goes through the minds of students in their target market. What motivates them to learn abroad, who they really trust in their decision-making, what their goals are, what time they check their emails and are active on social media. Knowledge, after all, is power.

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New measures of excellence


Matt Salusbury rakes through the rankings for UK university language centres and explains why different listings measure very different aspects of learning.

If you want to use rankings to choose a UK university language centre which teaches pre-sessional courses to international students, you may start off with a series of seemingly contradictory lists. We have three tables on this page, each of which uses a different metric to ‘rank’. Table 1 lists the top UK universities from the THE World University Rankings.

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East Asia leads across the board

Matt Salusbury looks at the results of the Independent Schools Council’s 2015 census and finds that over a third of overseas students boarding in the UK are from China and Hong Kong

Over 27,000 international students attended the Independent Schools Council’s (ISC) 1,267 mostly private-sector year-round boarding schools in the UK last year. Its 2015 census covered schools in ISC’s affiliate member associations across the UK, although the overwhelming majority of schools in the survey are in England, with a cluster of ISC boarding schools in south-east England.

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