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An inspector calls


Paul Fear tells Melanie Butler about a new accreditation scheme aiming to raise standards outside of the English speaking world.

‘Accrediting EFL courses is not something we went looking for.’ Paul Fear, chief executive of the British Accreditation Council (BAC), is talking about the handful of English language course providers it accredits under its short courses scheme.

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A tribute to the godfather of descriptive grammar

NHKテレビ英語会話Ⅱ Sir Randolph Quirk

The last Gazette interview with the descriptive grammarian Randolph Quirk, who died recently aged 97, took place in the House of Lords tearoom.

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Keep it all in the family

oggi tomic new preview1

Melanie Butler speaks to one of the owners of a language school that has transformed people’s lives

‘CLAC has changed my life. I don’t do what I do for money. I do it because I love it.’

For double Bafta-winning documentary maker Oggi Tomic, these words are not empty rhetoric.

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Taking refuge in English


A British Council project in the refugee camps of Ethiopia aims to improve English teaching and give inhabitants a voice.

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Drama without the drama


Kiwi-based Chasing Time Productions tell Claudia Civinini how they created an exciting and useful television series for English language teachers.

Chasing Time Productions wanted to create a TV drama you can use in your classroom, with characters that don’t speak at 1,000 words per minute and don’t suddenly drop a perfectly articulated swearword in front of your fiftheen year olds.

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