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A Man Of (Love) Letters


Jean-Marc Dewaele talks to Claudia Civinini about the power of emotions - and swear words
Love, anger, anxiety: this is not a summary of Wuthering Heights, but some of the key words on the publication list of Dr Jean-Marc Dewaele, professor of applied linguistics and multilingualism at Birkbeck, University of London. This quadrilingual Belgian-born academic has interests ranging from foreign language anxiety to code-switching. And one of his core interests is how we express a range of emotions, from love to anger, in another language. Given the significance that his research could have for teachers, the ­Gazette met him to chat about the power of emotions in the classroom.

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Creative Challenge

Chaz Pugliese 1

When his parents said they wanted him to become a lawyer, he threatened them with a career as a musician to make teaching sound like a sensible choice. But for Chaz Pugliese, now a teacher, trainer and author, creativity is not just a way to solve family impasses. It is the key that could give teachers access to the classroom’s holy grail: student motivation. Below, Chaz talks to Claudia Civinini about his philosophy, his work and his latest book – Creating Motivation.

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Terry’s Tricks Of The Trade


Management consultant, trainer and coursebook writer Terry Phillips reveals four things he wishes he’d known before he started his language school. I entered my first ELT classroom in the summer of 1974, and a mere ten years later started my own language school with my wife, who had only been in language teaching nine years at that time. The school was in the Sultanate of Oman.

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Truth wrapped in humour

comic strip 2

Malachi Rempen, creator of web comic Itchy Feet, tells us about the humorous side of the English language and the educational value of mistakes.
Growing up I always had a language-sized hole in my heart. My dad is German and my mother, though American, speaks fluent German – but they didn’t pass it on to my brothers and me as kids. I was jealous of other bilingual kids, and that’s why I ended up moving to Europe: I wanted to fill up on foreign languages.

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Bristol Cream: dreams do come true for the Duncans


Since EL Gazette launched its rankings, ELC Bristol has always been a Centre of Excellence based on the British Council’s inspection reports. But achieving the perfect score and becoming the number-one-ranked school out of more than 500 British-Council-accredited centres was the realisation of a dream for John and Margaret Duncan, the principal and director of the school. Below, John explains what makes the school special.

In many ways, there is nothing special in the sense that we don’t run a wide range of courses, just intensive general English and Cambridge and Ielts exam prep for students who are sixteen and over. What has been key is that the school has always attracted and retained a core of Delta-qualified teachers who, along with the students, have been at the centre of everything we do.

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