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Taking refuge in English


A British Council project in the refugee camps of Ethiopia aims to improve English teaching and give inhabitants a voice.

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Keep it all in the family

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Melanie Butler speaks to one of the owners of a language school that has transformed people’s lives

‘CLAC has changed my life. I don’t do what I do for money. I do it because I love it.’

For double Bafta-winning documentary maker Oggi Tomic, these words are not empty rhetoric.

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A radical rethink


A school in a city which came to embody the UK’s immigration debate hopes to boost standards with a major shake-up of how EAL pupils are educated, Irena Barker writes

During the EU referendum, the city of Peterborough became a byword for the Brexit debate.

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Drama without the drama


Kiwi-based Chasing Time Productions tell Claudia Civinini how they created an exciting and useful television series for English language teachers.

Chasing Time Productions wanted to create a TV drama you can use in your classroom, with characters that don’t speak at 1,000 words per minute and don’t suddenly drop a perfectly articulated swearword in front of your fiftheen year olds.

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‘We can easily forget about the students’

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French-born English teacher Hélène Combe put herself in her students’ shoes by trying to learn Italian and German in just a year – and she learnt some important lessons.

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