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Barbara Zielonka, who was one of just ten finalists in the $1m Global Teacher Prize, writes about embracing the power of technology.

In 2007, I earned my master’s degree from the University of Silesia, Poland. I knew that I would like to move abroad. I had visited Norway several times, and it felt natural to move there and start one of the biggest adventures in my life.

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The proof is in the (remote) pudding


A UK company is plugging a teaching skills gap by using videoconferencing technology to deliver English lessons to state school children in South America, Irena Barker reports

When the pupils at the Nucleo de Convivencia Menino Jesus supplementary school attend English classes, they never quite know what to expect.

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An inspector calls


Paul Fear tells Melanie Butler about a new accreditation scheme aiming to raise standards outside of the English speaking world.

‘Accrediting EFL courses is not something we went looking for.’ Paul Fear, chief executive of the British Accreditation Council (BAC), is talking about the handful of English language course providers it accredits under its short courses scheme.

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Interview: Plug into the digital zeitgeist


Digital tools for the classroom should be ‘quick and dirty’, focusing on four key areas, Thomas Strasser tells Melanie Butler

An academic once told me that if you think long enough, you can explain anything simply. If you can’t explain it simply, you haven’t thought about it hard enough.

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A tribute to the godfather of descriptive grammar

NHKテレビ英語会話Ⅱ Sir Randolph Quirk

The last Gazette interview with the descriptive grammarian Randolph Quirk, who died recently aged 97, took place in the House of Lords tearoom.

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