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In it for the money?


Let’s make fair pay and conditions our performance target, says Melanie Butler

Teachers are the lifeblood of EFL.’ This tweet, emanating from a conference of European language schools, is stating the bloody obvious. Teachers are the lifeblood of any and all forms of education.

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From Mad Hatter’s tea party to global Aladdin’s cave.

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The world of ELT no longer wears a British face, writes Melanie Butler.

Thirty years ago, EFL conferences reminded me a little of the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Handwritten cards marked the doors of the tiny rooms where genteel British ladies with cut glass accents held court to audiences of (mostly British) language school teachers.

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Very British problems.


When reporting on ELT from a London office, it’s easy to get obsessed with the UK, but the future of English is global, writes Melanie Butler.

‘Never forget you’re British’. That was the sobriquet bestowed by a Hausa speaking radio presenter on a BBC English by Radio course I once produced for broadcast in West Africa.

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Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome.

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It’s more important than ever to know how to be a good host.

You’re welcome. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, these three English words are said as a polite answer when someone thanks you for doing something. But welcome is not the word we use when we receive guests. Instead you hear ‘Come on in’ or ‘Make yourself at home’.

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Fairy dust is fine for Christmas, just keep it out of the classroom.


As the old year creeps into the new I spy some grounds for celebration, Melanie Butler writes.

On our news pages, accredited Irish language schools are supporting a ban on zero hour contracts. The British Council is questioning the constant quest for English Medium Instruction.
Meanwhile, in Tel Aviv, the bats are sporting regional accents.

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