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English: fuel for growth

Jonathan Dyson reports from the Philippines on a comprehensive ELT programme in Cebu province.

A range of measures designed to lift standards of English are to be introduced in Cebu, one of the most important provinces in the Philippines, following the launch of a major project aimed at building on the region’s strong economic growth.

The country’s economic potential is beginning to be realised, with GDP up 7 per cent in 2012. Cebu has the fastest-growing economy nationally, with a range of sectors across manufacturing and services expanding rapidly, while its international port facilities have attracted multinational companies to open offices and factories in the province. Mega Cebu Vision 2050, which was launched at the end of March by the Metro Cebu Development and Coordinating Board (MCDCB), is designed to help metropolitan Cebu capitalise on its socio-economic development and tackle the challenges created by its rapid growth. The plan stresses the importance of

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Ireland invests in quality

By Sue Hackett

In Ireland the recognition scheme for English language centres has always been run by the state. Acels (Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services) is responsible for quality assurance, while the newly established Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) administers the scheme.

Acels recognises approximately 95 ELT organisations, ranging from those operating all year round to independent holiday course providers, as well as further and higher education institutions with ELT sections.

The sector has continued to grow and diversify throughout 2012–13, reflecting

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Building bridges in Brazil: keeping Teflers in touch

By Fernando Guarany and Valéria Benévolo França

The Braz-Tesol (BT) English language teachers’ association (a not-for-profit organisation) represents close to 2,000 professionals, drawn from all parts of Brazil, working within strikingly different teaching contexts and scenarios.

The association was founded in 1986 under the leadership of Bob Carrington. Since then we have had a number of distinguished presidents, all of whom have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to making the association a driving force in the development of ELT professionals.

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Migration target ‘hitting students’

by Rafaela Peteanu


Government statistcs on net UK migration (the difference between immigration and emigration) released in May show a net flow of 153,000 migrants to the UK in 2011–12, a third less than the previous year. Immigration minister Mark Harper said the numbers showed his government had ‘cut out abuse while encouraging the brightest and best migrants who contribute to economic growth’. Prime minister David Cameron made reducing net migration a priority in the 2010 elections.

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BC brings Bliss to Biharis

By Matt Salusbury


The north-eastern Indian state of Bihar has among its notable exports to other Indian states elephants and their mahouts. Bihar also exports a lot of its people – if you stay or eat in a hotel or flag down a rickshaw in Kolkota or Delhi, there’s a good chance the staff or driver are Biharis. The biggest migration within India is Biharis going to work in other states.

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