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Why it’s game on in Brazil: the build-up to 2014 and 2016

By Michael Houten

The initial euphoria and outpouring of national pride at securing the World Cup in 2014 (and the Olympics in 2016) has gradually been replaced in Brazil by fears over whether the country will be ready in time for these two huge events. Readiness takes various forms.


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Macedonia partners the BC in a digital revolution

By Svetlana Neftenova

The Macedonian Bureau for the Development of Education is focusing on greater usage of information and computer technology (ICT) in schools in order to improve the teaching process across all subjects in the country. This poses a requirement on the part of the teachers to use as much digital content as possible, thus making lessons more interesting and interactive for the students, which in turn will result in better-quality teaching. To achieve its goal, the bureau has partnered with us at the British Council in Macedonia to give support in one particular segment – support for English language teachers in their further professional development in the area of ICT and improvement of their teaching process by using digital content.


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EU embraces a multilingual future for all

Samir Avdibegović writes

With 250 languages spoken today in Europe and many more worldwide, a number of questions arise. How is Europe managing its language diversity? What are the languages children should learn in schools to be competitive in tomorrow’s world? How many and what minority languages are being used in business, media and public spaces, and what would happen if they were to be used more or less?

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Croatia cascades its teacher training

Branka Zaja writes

The Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency and the British Council in Croatia have embarked on a partnership in the professional development of the agency’s local coordinators for English by providing them with a programme in teacher training skills.

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Development in the frame

Vanja Madzgalj looks at Montenegro’s new professional development plan

Montenegro’s first experience with a continuous professional development (CPD) framework was in May 2012 at a British Council conference organised for policymakers and teachers of English. Five months later the ministry decided to adopt the framework in its entirety and replace its own model of professional development with the British Council’s.
So what happened between May and October? Here’s the story.

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