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Teachers take care: tomorrow is translingual

Martin CathraWEB

Research showing the majority of EFL students plan to use their English alongside other languages in the future could have implications for teaching.

The majority of adult EFL students believe they will use English in close conjunction with other languages in their future lives and careers, a study conducted in the United Kingdom has found.

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Research news - February

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Teachers go native

The most common teachers’ technique for repairing a breakdown in communication with students is to switch back to the class’s native language, a small study in Vietnam has suggested.

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Can bilingualism combat negative effects of poverty on the brain?

research news

Pre-school bilinguals are better at regulating behaviour, despite poor backgrounds.
Bilingualism could help protect children’s brain development from the negative effects of growing up in poverty, researchers at the University of Oregon said.

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Hispanic pupils ‘take almost four years’ to master English

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But performance dropped substantially under new testing regime, researchers say.

Young Hispanic English students took an average 3.6 years to reach English proficiency, an extensive longitudinal study of Texan pupils in Grades 1 to 8 has found.

The report, covering more than 71,000 students, confirms the findings of smaller studies, but it also highlights the differences in the speed of progress of separate subgroups of Hispanic pupils.

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Do bilingual schools become middle class ghettos?

Cristina Cifuentes

International studies make uncomfortable reading for the Spanish, Melanie Butler writes.

Are bilingual school programmes an expensive perk for the affluent middle classes that discriminate against disadvantaged students? This is one of the questions asked in The Bilingual Programme Examined, a new report from Accion Educativa, a Spanish association of education professionals.

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RESEARCH NIBS - December / January 2018


Tel Aviv bats pick up ‘Scottish’ accents

Young bats can learn their mother ‘tongue’ and another specific ‘dialect’ by listening to the bat crowd around them, a study conducted at Tel Aviv University has found.

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Bilingual brains handle third language like natives

A bilingual brain is quickly able to handle a third language with the same neural mechanisms it uses for its native languages – putting it a step ahead of a monolingual brain, a new study has found.

Bilinguals process their L3 in the same way they process their L1, even at low proficiency. Monolinguals only develop this ability when they reach a high proficiency in another language.

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