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For the first time, the Gazette will be using a new British Council system to determine our 2016 Centres of Excellence.

The new system is much easier to understand– if a school is awarded a strength in the majority of subcriteria in any area, they will get this area of strength. This system is far more user-friendly than the old, where one was awarded aspects of criteria. 

The Gazette has been publishing these results of the summary statements for at least seven years. The British Council has been putting full reports into the public domain since 2013. You can find the reports and other information here: http://www.britishcouncil.org/accreditation-more-about-your-accredited-centre.htm.

Traditionally the Gazette has published in full the list of strengths of every single Centre of Excellence based on their summary statements. But now we are introducing something new: an at-a-glance guide to the main criteria on which a school is particularly strong.

Look below for an interactive graphic showing the Centres of Excellence, and more information about our ranking system!

Using colour coding, we show the areas where schools have been awarded strengths by the British Council. This reveals at a glance in which areas centres excel. It also shows clear patterns and highlights variations among different types of providers. 

Resources and environment is the area where centres are most likely to get a perfect score. Teaching and learning turns out to be the hardest area in which to get a perfect score. 

Using graphs similar to those found www.el-go.com, we have grouped areas of strength under the appropriate head criterion used by the British Council. Management is in blue, Resources and Environment in red, Teaching and Learning in green and Welfare and Student services (which includes care of under-18s where applicable) in orange. The length of the coloured line represents the percentage of available areas of strength. 

Also for the first time, we have made a clear distinction between schools that do not take under-18s, and are only eligible for strengths in fourteen areas, and schools  inspected for care of under-18s, who can score up to fifteen strengths. 

You can also find this information in our digital issue of the March 2016 EL Gazette. Apologies to anyone we failed to find! Congratulations to everybody here, and check out their entries on www.el-go.com.