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A look inside the Chinese English language industry

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The EL Gazette investigates this emerging market in-depth.

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Going the full distance

interview special2

Pam Womack, Celta trainer at British Study Centres Manchester, tells Melanie Butler about the pleasures and perils of blended teacher training courses.

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In a world where teachers hate being observed, how do you observe 30,000 teachers?

jocelyn page1

How do you convince Chinese teachers it is useful good practice to have their lessons scrutinised? There is a way, Jocelyn Wang writes

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5 things you need to know about China’s summer school market…


Europe has long dominated the junior summer school market. Now, however, the Chinese are arriving in the UK in numbers, replacing the cash-strapped Russians and set to overtake the Italians. But where are they going and what are they looking for? The language travel department of the Chinese education provider New Oriental supplies the answers

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Know your visas for a successful trip

Jim Larrison UK Passport

Working out which schools you can legally attend can be a minefield, Melanie Butler writes

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Summer superstars


How do you choose a good summer school for under 16s and do you pick a homestay or residential centre? Melanie Butler investigates

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A language learning archipelago

Island story1

The Philippines is becoming a major hub for English learners in East Asia, and could help China solve its teacher-recruitment problem, says Melanie Butler.

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