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Not just a pretty face


Hawaii longs to become the destination of choice for English language and university students – not just honeymooners, writes Claudia Civinini.

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Young learners special: Barbie brings English lessons to China’s tiny tot market

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Ninety per cent of all Chinese kindergartens are private and most of them need English language teachers, finds Melanie Butler.

Toy giant Mattel is the latest big-name investor to plunge into China’s growing pre-school market, according to China Daily. Interest in the pre-school market has soared following legislation allowing private-sector providers working in the sector to register as for-profit companies. Early-years providers make up 90 per cent of the 163,000 private schools in China, according to Ministry of Education statistics quoted by Reuters.

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Young learners special: In safe hands


Melanie Butler explains why Devon is her number one destination for school groups looking for English language courses

My number one destination for school groups looking for short English language courses outside the school holidays is Devon, a shire county in the south west of England. My choice has nothing to do with the sandy beaches, stunning national parks or even its warm climate. I would recommend Devon because of its unique system of safeguarding children and the high number of language schools that specialise in young learners.

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Young learners special: Chinese whisper

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Are British boarding schools ready to take on the army of Chinese learners interested in taster courses? Melanie Butler investigates

‘We need to send a group of 150 15-year olds to a boarding school in the UK for four months. We would prefer Oxford, Cambridge or Central London.’ So reads one of the growing number of e-mails received by the Gazette from bilingual schools in China. The demand for boarding school ‘taster courses’ in the UK, where students join a school for a limited amount of time so they can experience British education, is not new.

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Young learners special: How history and politics got the better of bilingualism

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A recent study finds that investment in more language exposure has not had the desired impact on second language learning in the South Tyrol – but the reasons are highly complex, Claudia Civinini explains

The Italian press have been calling into question the value of Clil teaching methods after a leading research centre released the results of a study looking at students’ second-language skills.

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