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October 2016

UK Govt. hid figures for student visa compliance

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Theresa May Courtesy Policy Exchange

Only 1,500 international students a year illegally overstay in the UK after their student visas have expired, according to government figures revealed by the Times newspaper today. The government had previously refused to release these new figures, which are based on exit checks at airports introduced last year. The figures are in stark contrast to those from the International Passenger Survey, relied upon by the current UK government, which show 90,000 students staying on illegally.

International Students make up the largest segment of non-EU migrants into the UK and, prior to the country leaving the EU, the only way to significantly reduce immigration is to reduce student numbers.  

Home Secretary Amber Rudd, whose ministry is responsible for reducing migration, recently announced plans for further restrictions on international university students based on course ‘quality’. The definition of ‘quality’ remains to be confirmed.  

Read how government hid figures for student visa compliance here. 

Pic courtesy: Policy Exchange 

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