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October 2016

Purge still affects Turkey’s teachers

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Turkey’s education sector continues to feel the effects of the crackdown following July’s failed coup in July. (See the August 2016 Gazette)

Two of the three universities closed in Izmir have re-opened, with new names. Newsweek reported that students of the closed Gezim University, at Cesme near Izmir, were homeless in mid-September, unable to retrieve belongings left in their sealed-off halls of residence.

According to a source in the mostly ethnic Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, southeastern Turkey, the new school year this September started late for many schools as so many primary school teachers had been purged. (Watch this space for forthcoming updates from Diyarbakir.)  Recent graduates were drafted in to fill vacancies. Many Turkish academics elsewhere in the country are still out of work and owed a lot of back-pay as of early October, according to another Gazette source. The British Council Turkey’s Ielts tests went ahead as planned.

Read more on the continuing impact of Turkey’s purge of its education sector. http://newsweekme.com/a-degree-of-uncertainty/

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