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October 2016

Namibia hiring - ‘not replacing striking teachers’

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The southern African nation of Namibia has asked schools if they need teachers from Nigeria, ‘especially in English, mathematics and science’, and also recruiting ‘volunteers’ from Zimbabwe. New Era newspaper revealed a leaked email telling schools they were ‘urgently requested to indicate whether there is a need for … teachers’ provided via the Nigerian Technical Assistance Cooperation.

Ministry of Education permanent secretary Sanet Steenkamp told The Namibian of a nationwide shortage of teachers – with some 2,000 vacancies, particularly in rural schools – with a final decision to be made in January on whether Nigerians were needed, with ‘preference… given to Namibian citizens’. A nationwide strike by Namibian teachers over pay was settled in October.

The Zimbabwean reported that some of Zimbabwe’s 2500 unemployed teachers were ‘flocking’ to fill 2,000 Namibia teaching posts. English is Namibia’s sole official language.

Read more on Namibia’s teacher shortages and its recruitment drives here https://www.newera.com.na/2016/10/12/nigerians-not-here-to-replace-striking-teachers/ and here http://www.chronicle.co.zw/teachers-flock-to-namibia/

Pic courtesy: Coat of arms of Namibia, Wikimedia commons

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