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November 2016

Malaysia: Australian campuses asked students not to attend demos

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 Najib Razak Malaysia

Monash University and Curtin University, two Australian institutions with campuses in Malaysia, are facing criticism for advising their students not to participate in rallies against the Malaysian government. The registrar of Monash University issued a warning via email to all students, with the prospect of possible ‘disciplinary proceedings’ for any students arrested as a result of their participation in ‘illegal gatherings’. It seems this is the first time that private universities in the country issue such warnings to their students.

Students and alumni widely criticised the move as an attack on students’ ‘basic rights to free expression’. After social media backlash and an online petition, Monash University delivered an apology, claiming that the notice was badly worded and was just born out of concern for students’ safety. A non-for-profit group representing Malaysians in Australia said that, without a proper apology, Monash University could face a boycott from Malaysian students.

Click here to read more about Australian universities in Malaysia warning their students to not take part in anti-government rallies. 

Pic caption: Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Pic courtesy: PACAF

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