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December 2016

ELLs in Texas more likely to be excluded from special education services

Rafael Sato

English language learners (ELLs) in the US state of Texas are more likely than native speakers to be excluded from special education services, an investigation for the Houston Chronicle newspaper revealed. According to the study, just 39 of the nearly 1,000 ELLs receive services like tutoring, counselling and speech therapy, 70 per cent less per capita than a decade ago,  Andrea Pérez writes.

School districts have been pressured to reduce their numbers of students in special education, according to Houston Public Media, and despite the overall numbers of ELLs in Texas having increased by about 40 per cent since 2006 their enrolment in special education has fallen by 5 per cent.

 Also, the investigation revealed that while 9 percent of English-speaking students in Texas are identified with special needs, only 7.6 percent of English learners were in 2016 — below the state’s arbitrary benchmark of 8.5 percent.

Read more about Texas here: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/denied/ 

Pic courtesy: Rafael Sato 

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