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January 2017

Ecuador deal for EF

INEVAL Ecuador

Education First (EF) will carry out English language tests across the state-school sector in Ecuador as a part of an agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and the multinational company in November, El Comercio reported.

Rachel Baker, an academic advisor at EF, explained that the test will be taken between December and March by 500,000 students via the internet.

It will last around 40 minutes and measure only the reading and listening skills of students.

The agreement, which brings no cost to the state, aims to be a key government tool for future English language policy formulation and for improving the quality of teaching nationally, according to Andes news agency.

Ecuador took its first steps to improve its English language level in November when the Ministry of Education launched a new school curriculum. The government target is for teachers to reach a B2 level of English, with students attaining B1 by the time they leave high school (see EL Gazette November 2016).

Pic courtesy: INEVA 

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