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February 2017

English for Colombian kids

Pic story Medellín Colombia Pic courtesy Secretaría de Movilidad de Medellín

Medellin, Colombia’s second city (above), has launched a new bilingual programme which introduces English language to children in early childhood. Pilot project Semilla Bilingüe (bilingual seed) has been implemented in eighteen kindergartens and fifteen primary schools since January.

‘We want to plant the seed for the first bilingual generation in Colombia,’ Medellin secretary of education Luis Guillermo Patiño explained. The programme will deliver English language lessons and native-speaker teachers to provide Colombian children in state schools with a similar education to those in private schools. ‘The possibility of educating our children as if they were in private institutions means equity for us,’ said Guillermo Patiño. If successful, the project could expand across the rest of the country.

Pic courtesy: Secretaría de Movilidad de Medellín

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