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February 2017

Spain sees generation gap in EFL

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A new survey by the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS), part of the Ministry of the Presidency in Spain, revealed that six out of ten Spaniards can’t write or speak English and only 10 per cent study a foreign language. Experts suggest the main causes of this problem include the education system, dubbing of films and students’ lack of confidence, 20 minutos newspaper reported.

The results were criticised by British Council Spain, however. Mark Levy, head of English and schools in the country, said survey respondents were over 45 years old, so the ‘results don’t represent the real level of English language in the country’. He added, ‘Data is focused on people who didn’t have English language classes in school because they used to learn French,’ but now that Spanish children study in bilingual schools and have higher levels of English, they are losing the ‘fear factor’ because ‘they are more used to the English language now’, Europa Press reported.

Mark Levy was interviewed in the RNE, Spain’s national public radio regarding this issue. You can listen to the interview (in Spanish) here

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