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April 2017

Well versed in Welsh

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An academic is planning to write his own Japanese-Welsh coursebooks for Japanese people wanting to learn the Celtic language.

Lecturer Takeshi Koike learned the language in 1992 as a 21-year-old studying English at what was then Saint David’s University College in Lampeter, Wales. He now teaches at Tokyo’s Daito Bunka University where more than 120 young people have taken his 30 week course so far. The course, being taught under the Department of English and American Literature, allows students to explore the Welsh language and its culture, literature and art.

Mr Koike said: ‘My students have responded really well. They love learning about Wales. To them it is almost a theoretical language, but if they visit Wales they always tell me how amazing it is to see it as a living language.’ Heledd Gwyndaf, chair of the Welsh Language Society, said: ‘Like learning any language, becoming fluent in Welsh opens doors to a new world.’

Pic courtesy: Brian Jeffery Beggerly

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