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July 2017

World record attempt will celebrate London’s diversity

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English UK London and student accommodation agency London Nest are organising a language lesson with the highest number of nationalities, in honour of the city’s diversity and openness.

The world record attempt will take place at the English UK summer garden party at Calthorpe Project Community Gardens in London on 21 July.

‘London is the world’s classroom,’ said London Nest director James Herbertson. ‘This record attempt is a fun, positive way to celebrate the diversity of the language schools in London.’

The organisers have so far covered around sixty nationalities, but aim to reach a hundred.

They are looking for people from Asian countries, Far East Asia and Central and Southern America.

To join in, please visit www.londonnest.com/record 

The record for the biggest English language lesson was broken last year when over 3,000 students gathered at Bondi Beach in Sydney.

Pic courtesy: Ewan Munro

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