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September 2017

New Chinese-backed ELT publisher aims to innovate


A new ELT publishing house, Innova Press, has been launched in Beijing.

The new UK-based publisher is backed by a consortium made up of China’s largest language teaching publisher, FLTRP, its largest language school chain, New Oriental, and edtech giant Hujiang.

Claiming that ‘mainstream ELT publishers are stuck in the past’, Innova president Richard Peacock told the assembled press corps at the launch: ‘We need a new ELT publisher for a new ELT world.’

Promising evidence-based material, with innovative content designed to make the most of new technology, Peacock said Innova Press was in ‘a uniquely powerful position to establish itself as a major international player.’

As well as ELT, the new publisher will specialize in materials for teaching Chinese language and culture for English-speaking markets as well as teacher training.

As UK-based publishers lose global market share and US publishers withdraw from the market, it is hoped a Chinese-backed publisher will achieve the goal of ‘becoming a leading and truly innovative international publisher’.


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