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October 2017

Language courses abroad for Tokyo Olympics volunteers

Japanese students volunteering to take part in international events such as the Tokyo Olympics will have access to scholarships to study languages abroad, the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) has announced.

IALC member schools have pledged scholarships worth an estimated €100,000 which will be awarded by the Japan Association of Overseas Studies (JAOS) member agencies. Students will be offered four weeks tuition and accommodation.

IALC has been working to create a scholarship programme in collaboration (JAOS) to help Japanese nationals prepare for the upcoming events such as the Tokyo Olympics, Paralympic Games in 2020 and the Rugby World Cup 2019. 

Meanwhile, El Gazette reported early this year on other plans to help communication during the Tokyo Olympics.

Electronics giant Panasonic has produced a megaphone that can translate Japanese phrases into English – as well as Chinese and Korean. The megahonyaku brand megaphonewent on trial with train operators and police in Tokyo in response to an increase in foreign visitors and in preparation for the even bigger influx expected for the Olympics.

The megahonyaku has around 300 pre-set phrases in its memory – for example, ‘the train has been delayed,’ ‘watch your step’ and ‘please move to the right.’

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