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November 2017

Children brainwashed in ISIS-controlled schools

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Children forced to attend school in Isis-controlled territories have been brainwashed and taught using educational material that promotes violence it has emerged.

Families of Syrian refugees now living in Turkey told NBC News that their children had become radicalised during their time at school.
One mother said she still couldn’t trust her son even after they relocated to Turkey.

A former teacher told NBC how he was forced to teach Isis propaganda while being constantly monitored by cameras installed in the classrooms.

‘I was teaching them to become young terrorists,’ he said. He also shared the textbooks he had to use.

Children were taught basic arithmetic with visual aids such as guns and tanks. The English language workbook (see above) used military vehicles to teach children how to use prepositions – and bombs to show them how to read time.

The terrorist organisation has previously opened English-medium schools for foreign fighters in Raqqa, Syria (see Gazette March 2015).

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